Ways to practise self love 💕

Ways to practise self love 💕

Simple ways you can implement and practise self love in your busy daily routine and some little reminders to write down in your journal.



Hey bestie! 💖 I’m officially bringing back the blog posts (even though I only really wrote 2 lol) but I want to start writing them more regularly to share advice, tips and I’ll also be writing some more fun, lighthearted posts like sleepover essentials.


This weeks blog post is all about self love and why it’s so important (even if sometimes it’s at the bottom of your to do list) but 2023 is around the corner so I think it’s something we could all work on.


Cutting off negativity


Cutting off negativity can be a range of things- it can be a friend, family member, a job you hate, a bad habit, a mental state or anything else. Brainstorm on some paper or in your journal things that cause negativity in your life or your daily routine. Does a toxic friend negatively impact your mood every day? Does your habit of checking social media every morning as you wake up cause the rest of your day to be more negative? Once you have these things written down, think about which ones of these you can cut off now or in the future. Not every thing you will be able to cut off straight away and that’s totally okay. Distancing from a friend can be super hard and may require a conversation as well as quitting a job may not be financially possible in that moment. However some smaller things may be possible to cut off straight away like instead of picking your phone up first thing in the morning, get up and meditate or practice gratitude instead! Speaking of gratitude..



Practise gratitude!


This one may seem kinda obvious but it’s so much more powerful than you think. It’s something I’ve tried to do a lot more in 2022 and instead of wishing for more or for things to go better (which we all are guilty of) I’ve stopped and appreciated all that I have and everything I’ve built. This is also powerful for manifestation as manifesting relies on gratitude of what you already have.

Task: Write down 10 things you’re thankful for and read them every morning for a week!


Things you can do right now 

Some small little ways you can show yourself some self love right now.


  • Clean your room - if your room is a mess right now which if you're like me, it probably is, put some of your fav music on and get to work. You’ll feel amazing afterwards and why not light your fav candle to feel extra cosy.
  • Read a book - take an hour away from screens and the real world to take your mind of things!
  • Have some retail therapy (if you can afford to of course!) I even released a self love box earlier this year with lots of goodies to help love yourself again, including a keyring, notepad, stickers and more.

Self love box - £14.99 at Cyberchickshop.com

  • Have a pamper evening to yourself - run a hot bubble bath, put on a face mask and give yourself a manicure 💆🏼‍♀️


Practise and journal self love affirmations


Here are some of my personal favourite affirmations but you can find plenty more online! Read through and speak them aloud to yourself, even if it seems silly it’s not! The more you say them the more you will believe in them, words are very powerful and can literally change your mindset, especially when youre saying them to yourself as youre also your worst critic.


I hope you found this helpful and are feeling positive and inspired after reading. 💗 There’s plenty more ways to practise self love that I haven’t mentioned so I may write a part 2!

Comment below some ways your going to practise self love from now or some things your planning on cutting off or changing, I’d love to hear!


See you in the next one,

Jess xo

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