Why packaging is so important

Why packaging is so important

Customers love experience. To be memorable is one of the most important things in business, and being memorable ensures repeat customers which are estimated to be around 60% of your customers. To create an experience from one package or box isn’t easy so this relies on packaging, colour, and feel. 

Over the past 2 years I’ve tried different colour schemes, different coloured boxes, different business card designs and have experimented with offering freebies. There is no right or wrong way with packaging as long as your branding is clear throughout and you engage the person opening that box.

 Here is an example of my old packaging a year ago. The box looks inviting when you first open it and your filled with the colour pink and all the emotions that come with it. My branding is very pink, 2000s inspired and girly so I really tried to bring this with my packaging. The inclusion of the freebie stickers will make my packaging memorable as this is not something every business offers. I included a leaflet which was my “business card” at the time which has a positive quote on the front to bring feeling of happiness and love which in turn will make the customer associate these feelings with my brand.

My packaging today is different but still similar in a lot of ways. Instead of a leaflet I now have an envelope which similarly to the leaflet is still interactive meaning customers have to open the envelope to see what’s inside like the leaflet with unfolding. This results in the customer engaging with my brand more and what I want to tell them. I also have used my brand colours and imagery on the envelope, using purple and pink which are my key colours and images of butterflies and the lipstick mark which you will see through my brand and Instagram.

Instead of pink tissue paper I now have customised gift wrap which features my logo for memorability and further imagery which I use throughout my branding. Again it’s pink and bright to tie into my brand. I also have new vinyl stickers to hold together the wrap which were personalised and gifted to me from the StickerMarket. These stickers are smooth with the highest quality vinyl to ensure they’re scratch proof and tear away so easily. I wanted to feature an image of a rainbow to add some colour and bring a feeling of positivity as well as a message to thank the customer and let them know they’re supporting a small business and dream. The customer will see this sticker just after they open the box and putting it in the middle where you tear open the paper ensures the customer will read it and hopefully feel positive.

I strongly recommend using stickers in your packaging as these are an easy way to translate a small message to your customer in a fun way that ties into your branding. I opted for a purple colour to contrast against the paper and I think it works perfectly. I strongly recommend the StickerMarket as a place for small businesses to get custom stickers.


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